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Chun Yi

A one-hour television documentary, CHUN YI: THE MAKING OF A LEGEND, explores and reveals the magic behind the scenes of an extraordinary Chinese Theatrical experience. Shot on location in Beijing, CHUN YI: THE MAKING OF A LEGEND focuses on the creation of the show covering all aspects of the production from rehearsals and Kung fu coaching to choreography, music, set design, costume design, and lighting.

The documentary highlights the unique contributions of the Canadian theatrical producers John Cripton and Michael Sulyma in revamping and developing CHUN YI: THE LEGEND OF KUNG FU for worldwide touring.

A spectacular theatrical experience, THE LEGEND is a journey across the threshold from youth to manhood, from temptation to salvation, from little monk to Grand Master.

A performance of CHUN YI: THE LEGEND OF KUNG FU, shot in front of a live audience, is intercut with back stage and rehearsal footage illuminated by interviews featuring the creative team behind The Legend. Television audiences are treated to a glimpse of the elements that comprise the creative core of CHUN YI: THE LEGEND OF KUNG FU, a seamless view defining the structure of a great work of Chinese theatrical art.


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